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Cal Sameday

same day courier service and dedicated logistics

Our Vision

When we created Cal Sameday we wanted to be different, to stand out in a crowded market place and to be recognised for our unsurpassed customer service and total dedication.

As the two founding directors, we had both previously worked in the courier and logistics industry for over 15 years. In this time we had worked for some of the major service providers as well as some smaller companies too. We firmly believe that we learned all that is good about running a courier company but the constraints and frustrations of working for others held us back from delivering the type of service we really wanted to. So, after great deliberation, we took the leap in 2011 and formed Cal Sameday.

It was a steep learning curve and required a lot of hard work but with great help and support we quickly found our feet and started to shape our business the way we wanted it. We strongly believed in concentrating on our core service offering of dedicated deliveries, helping clients out when it mattered the most to their business. We kept it simple and made it all about service.

With a clear focus on same day courier services and dedicated logistics we knew that to stand out in a crowded market place we needed to give our business a personality of its own, one that was dedicated to caring and helping. Whether we are engaging with clients, suppliers, employees, or the community, we always wanted to ensure we would surpass expectations. We knew how we manage these relationships tell people a lot about who we are not just as a business but as people too. Our story continues, we have great people, a fresh brand, defined values that are deeply embedded in our business and a clear mission. You can read more about this below. All the best from Team Cal.

Our People

At Cal Sameday, we care; we really do. We pride ourselves on providing a personal and dependable courier and logistics service of unsurpassed standards. We rely on our hard-working team who dedicate themselves to customer care.
We have created a good blend of experienced talent and youthful enthusiasm. One thing that unites our people is that they have been carefully selected because they portray our core values in their persona, which are to be: Dependable, Responsive, Dynamic, and Personal. These attributes are what makes us the company we are today.

Our Brand

We have shaped our brand to be fresh, bright, and different. We thrive on bringing our warm orange glow into corporate worlds. ‘Service means everything’ relates to the notion of being the best we can be, going that extra mile and reaching beyond our comfort zone to make a difference. It’s our call to action that commands the highest standards of service and gives us the opportunity to contribute to our client’s success. ‘Service means everything’ is not 9 to 5; we use our initiative to deliver a service of unsurpassed standards that is dependable, responsive, dynamic, and personal, whenever it is called upon.

Our Values

Our core values represent everything we say and do. They are at the heart of all our interactions.

Be Dependable – Be trustworthy and reliable. Make sure you can always count on us to never let you down.

Be Responsive – Always react quickly and positively. Act with a sense of urgency to serve you.

Be Dynamic – Be positive in energy and full of new ideas. Always provide you with options and solutions.

Be Personal – Show warmth, friendliness, and care. Develop working relationships with you.

Our Mission

Our continuing mission is to work in partnership with you to support your business continuity by providing services related to same day and dedicated logistics, that often go beyond the realms of standard mainstream providers.

We deliver these services by always having our core values of being dependable, responsive, dynamic and personal at the heart of all our interactions.

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