Our latest survey results are in, see how we are performing

· February 21, 2020 · 8:00 pm

Once again, Cal Sameday continues to shine. We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our customers who have completed our survey and given us their valuable feedback. Our team work hard to ensure they are providing the very best in customer service, with excellent communication and ensuring we have vehicles on demand that collect your goods quickly and deliver on time. These results are important to use and form part of our team’s performance reviews.

Our average score excluding price is an impressive 4.83 out of 5.00. Even price is scored at an average of 4.35 out of 5.00, this is proof that you can get great service at an affordable price.


Communication = Excellent 4.87 97.4%
Response Times = Excellent 4.80 96%
Vehicle Availability = Excellent 4.78 95.40%
Service = Excellent 4.86 97.2%
Price = Good 4.35 87%

Via Survey Monkey February 2021. Scores out of 5.

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