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· June 17, 2019 · 2:48 pm

We would like to introduce you to our two new starters Celvin Jones and Daniel Davies. Both join us as Account Managers on our Leadership Training Programme and will be on a journey to be future location managers of their own Cal Sameday site.


Celvin Jones

Age: 33 Position: Account Manager

Celvin Jones joins us after working the last two years in a customer relations role for an accountancy firm. He has an Economics and Business degree from the University of Manchester that he obtained three years ago as a mature student. Originally Celvin is from Northampton but now resides in Cheshire and he is a Spurs fan.

Daniel Davies

Age: 28 Position; Account Manager

Daniel Davies joins us after taking a 6-month career break to travel across North America. Before this Daniel spent two years working in Barcelona with his last role as a Global Account Manager. Before this Daniel also worked in The Netherlands and can speak both Dutch and Spanish. He is a Liverpool Football Fan and likes music, in particular, The Doors.

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